This data sample supports the Horizon Europe project titled BIGPROD. The main aim of the BIGPROD project is to arrive at a better explanation of the inconsistent and conflicting interactions of technological and market processes currently observed in the global economy. By utilizing new “Big” data sources and processes, which will result in new metrics and economic indicators, BIGPROD aims to provide input to improve on the existing econometric models used for productivity analysis. These models try to explain the changes in economic productivity, however there is a consensus among economists that the current models do not include enough information on intangible assets (inputs other than capital or fixed assets), the changing nature of innovation towards more open modes, and servitization trends to come to a sufficiently thorough understanding of the productivity slowdown which we know as the “productivity paradox”. BIGPROD will focus primarily on the total or multi factor productivity (TFP/MFP) part that accounts for the contributions of firm R&D, innovation and technology.

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